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What are probiotics?

Probiotics are defined as ‘live microorganisms that confer a health effect on the host when consumed in adequate amounts’ (Guarner and Schaafsma 1998). It is well known that probiotics have a beneficial effect on the body, primarily to ensure that the digestive system can function optimally. In recent years, multiple clinical studies have confirmed that the benefits of probiotics go far beyond just gut well‐being. The gut–brain–skin axis concept, as proposed by Arck et al., (2010) observed that ingesting beneficial kinds of bacteria can have a profound effect on balancing the skin and reducing skin inflammation.

Do I need to take a probiotic?

Many choose to take probiotics daily, whilst others may decide to use them whenever they feel that they need a little support. The reality is that our lifestyles are now so challenging, that many of us need to support our gut health on an ongoing basis. Many factors can contribute to an imbalance in gut bacteria, including stress, antibiotics and some medications, alcohol and diet choices such as over-consumption of sugar.  Signs of a gut imbalance include digestive challenges, lethargy, poor concentration and poor skin quality.

A study conducted in 1992,  looked at the longevity of L.rhamnosus once in the gut. Of the 76 volunteers that took the probiotic every day, L. rhamnosus was recovered in all of the faecal samples from those who were given the fermented milk form of the probiotic. Once the participants stopped taking the strain, it was found that after 4 days, L. rhamnosus was present in 87% of the individuals’ stools, but after a week, this number dropped to 33%. These findings support the idea that once probiotic consumption has ceased, the probiotics are unlikely to remain in the gut for more than a week.

What is Skin Clear Biome™?

Skin Clear Biome™ is the latest probiotic to be developed by the Advanced Nutrition Programme™, which synergises four strains of bacteria with zinc and is specifically designed for problematic, stressed, congested and inflamed skins. 

What are the benefits of Skin Clear Biome™?

  • Clarifies complexion from the inside out
  • Reinforces the skin’s natural barrier
  • Regulates oil production
  • Reduces inflammation in the skin
  • Supports gut flora
  • Supports skin health
  • Supports skin immunity
  • Suitable for all skin types, pregnancy, vegetarians, gluten free

Skin Clear Biome™ also contains zinc. Zinc has antimicrobial properties and helps to control inflammation and support the skin barrier. Medications such as birth control deplete zinc from the body, so ensuring you get adequate amounts through diet and supplementation is crucial for healthy skin. 

How do I take Skin Clear Biome™?

It is recommended to take 1 capsule per day with a substantial meal. Preferably avoid tea/coffee for 20 minutes before and after consuming your probiotic.

How do I store Skin Clear Biome™?

Similar to its sister product Skin Youth Biome™, the formula is microencapsulated within a protective matrix to ensure active bacteria reach the small intestine alive. To further preserve ingredient integrity, quality and activity, the capsules are pristinely packed in nitrogen-flushed, aluminium pods, which means this probiotic does not require refrigeration. As with all supplements by ANP, the formula has undergone rigorous stability testing to guarantee that there are 5 billion active cultures right up to the end of the two-year shelf life.

What is the difference between Skin Clear Biome™ and Skin Youth Biome™?

Skin Youth Biome™ and Skin Clear Biome™ contain different strains of beneficial bacteria. Skin Youth Biome™ has been designed primarily as an antiaging probiotic, helping to improve hydration levels in the skin and reduce wrinkle depth. Skin Clear Biome™ is customised for skin that needs repair, be it from an impaired barrier, maskne, acne, rosacea, psoriasis, eczema or dermatitis. Both probiotics will help with improving digestion and help to strengthen the immune system.

Both Skin Youth Biome™ and Skin Clear Biome™ can be taken together or on alternating days. Consult with your therapist to decide which probiotic will help you to achieve your skin goals. 

Ailbhe Gullane

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