Psoriasis And Eczema Treatment At Urba

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Psoriasis And Eczema Treatment At Urba

When psoriasis, eczema, cystic acne, chemically sensitive skin, rashes, lumps or bumps appear, can be a sign that there are much deeper issues going on. We are dealing with DIS-EASE, and inflammation within the body. A little topical treatment that treats the surface of the skin means it's not solving the root cause of the issues.

The body works as a holistic organism. It is very smart, it knows that when there is an excess buildup of toxins or inflammation - it has got to leave somehow. Did you know that skin supports the liver as one of the closest detoxification defenses? Your skin has almost 5 million pores that serve as excretory organs meaning they excrete waste. So next time you want to make your pores disappear, remember that these little guys are keeping you healthy. Pores are not the enemy.

 When these toxins are making their way out - they can cause inflammation in the skin. Think redness, tenderness, swelling and broken Skin Barrier. Your body is one giant functioning organism, everything is in communication at all times. Everything is connected at all times, your body does not do anything by accident. It knows exactly what it's doing!

Instead of chasing the next cream, lotion or serum maybe start thinking about your liver, especially its ability to detox your blood.

Think about the nutrients, irritants and toxins that your tired liver may be doing overtime to purge.

The bottom line is - there is no quick fix. 

There is no single topical cream, no single treatment (although our medical grade Healite Red light therapy Laser comes close) no one supplement etc. will help reverse and bring balance back into the skin.

It takes tweaks and adjustments in all of these areas. It might take a little time and sometimes trial and error. As anyone who has ever come though the other side of a skin condition like this will tell you, it's never easy but it is always worth it.

To return your organs (yes, remember skin is your largest one) to homeostasis, it will take a multilevel approach. Successful management of these skin conditions is very possible. 

 At Urba, we take great pride in constantly researching and educating ourselves further in this field. We can and often do work alongside nutritionists, kinesiologists, acupuncture practitioners and dermatologists to help guide our clients on this journey. We fully believe in a holistic management approach.

If you have been thinking about taking action, there has never been a better time to make take the first step.

Hope to meet you soon! 

Debbie Mulhall

Our Skin Condition Consultations are €50. These consultations are with Clinic owner Debbie Mulhall and can be booked virtually or in clinic.

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