Why dmk enzyme therapy and what can i expect?

Why dmk enzyme therapy and what can i expect?

The latest and most exciting offering to date in the salon has to be the DMK Advanced Skin Revision range, which has been the number one skincare range in Australia for the last decade. We are the only skin clinic in the midlands offering this advanced range. The plasmatic effect is achieved by no other skincare brand in the world and you can follow Debbie on Instagram@urbabeauty.ie  to see the effects of this amazing treatment.

The most fabulous aspect of a Danné Enzyme Therapy Treatment is that your therapist can target almost any skin concern using a bespoke combination of exfoliants, enzymes and treatments.

DMK believes that the origin of most skin conditions is a result of disharmony within the skin. Using the principles of biochemistry, DMK has formulated a range of treatments and products designed to educate the skin to perform like youthful, healthy skin. By matching formulations with the body’s chemistry, the skin is encouraged to respond in a positive manner.

DMK Enzyme Therapy restores your skin to its peak condition. As some of you may now know, DMK are the only paramedical skin revision product to utilise the beneficial effects of transfer-messenger enzymes.

So, what are enzymes and what does Enzyme Therapy do? Enzymes are living substances that regulate health and work with certain minerals in the body to form a natural system of antioxidants that fight corrosive, free radicals. Properly formulated, they can remove dead protein, toxins and other effluvia from the epidermis using a process called ‘reverse osmosis’. Where some cosmetic facial treatments may only act on the surface of the skin, DMK Enzyme Treatments work with the skin. The enzymes aim to strengthen the structural integrity of the skin to create a healthy environment for cells to live and thrive in. Enzyme Therapy exercises facial muscles and works to leave the skin feeling firm.

Skin Analysis and Consultation

Every DMK Facial begins with a thorough skin consultation that works through your skin concerns and the current condition of your skin. At Urba Skin & Laser, our paramedically trained skin therapists prepare a bespoke Enzyme treatment to achieve your desired results.

Prepare and Remove

Removal of dead and dull skin cells, oil and congestion, debris build-up and toxins is vital in achieving the best results. All of these factors are contributors to the appearance of dry skin, fine lines, congested skin or skin discolouration. DMK utilise a number of exfoliation and cleansing solutions that are targeted to specific concerns and skin types, including Prozyme and QuickPeel.


DMK Enzyme Therapy encourages the skin’s vital internal processes to function optimally, enabling cells to stay alive longer and perform at their highest potential, creating healthier, younger looking skin. Strengthening the skin is the foundation for achieving a clearer, firmer, brighter and even skin tone.

The DMK Enzyme Mask is applied to the face, neck and décolletage for 45 minutes, during this time the mask hardens. The most common sensation clients experience is the strong pulsating effect of the skin beneath the mask.

This brings us to the ‘Plasmatic Effect’, which if you’ve researched DMK Enzyme Therapy, you would have seen countless photos of the bright blood vessels that appear. Capillaries and blood vessels are flushed with newly oxygenated blood due to the dilation of capillaries from the Enzyme Masque.

You can check out our Instagram stories in our DMK Highlight to see this in full effect.

Disclaimer: This isn’t a fluffy massage facial, but trust us when we say, your skin will look and feel incredible!

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