the dream team – seba e and herb & mineral mist

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the dream team – seba e and herb & mineral mist

To truly moisturise the skin, we must imitate how the skin naturally moisturises itself. This is the objective of DMK’s Seba-E oil and Herb & Mineral Mist. This dream team combo replicates the natural moisturising factors (NMF) of the skin, restoring balance and allowing the skin to do what it does best – hydrate and protect itself!

Seba-E oil is a fractionated blend of herbal oils and Vitamin E, which aims to re-establish the acid mantle (the very fine, slightly acidic film of natural oils, sweat and dead cells on the surface of the skin), which acts as a barrier to bacteria and other potential contaminants. This intelligent little oil promotes the skin to repair a compromised barrier by mimicking the natural way skin secretes oil. It can be used on dry, dehydrated skin and to help soothe inflamed skin conditions. Unlike other thick, heavily-perfumed oils on the market, Seba-E will not block the pores and result in breakouts.

Herb and Mineral Mist is a unique herbal spritz, designed to aid in transdermal delivery of DMK oils and cremes. It can be imagined as a “vehicle” that transports an infusion of vitamins, minerals, trace elements and water into the skin. The light-weight spritz provides astringent, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and antibacterial properties and can even be sprayed over make up as a refresher. Herb & Mineral Mist can be used in conjunction with all DMK oils and nourishing cremes, not just exclusively with Seba-E!

Together Seba-E and Herb & Mineral Mist re-establish the acid mantle and seal in moisture, whilst storing nutrients deep in the layers of the epidermis. Both products are suitable for all ages and almost all skin types, if in doubt just ask!

How to use

  • Seba-E oil – Apply 2-4 drops directly onto the cheeks, forehead and neck.
  • Herb & Mineral Mist – Spritz and gently massage into the skin  (a little goes a long way, so start with less than you think you need, you can always apply more if needed).


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