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abc's of our spf's

Not all SPF’s are made equal – remember that regular moisturiser you purchased in Boots/Tesco that had an ‘SPF 20’ label on the bottom? Well, you would need about half the contents of that tub applied to your face to get the equivalent level of protection. Cosmeceutical brands offer high quality, broad-spectrum sun protection creams to protect the skin from extrinsic ageing by the sun, wind, pollution and even air conditioning.
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Whilst on the phone to a client during an online skin consultation it dawned on me – we have quite a few SPF’s stocked on our shelves! So I decided to do a breakdown of our most popular SPF products to give you an idea of which one may suit your skin best.

Circadia Light Day Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 37   Wow that’s a mouthful! This is an ultra-lightweight lotion that leaves a gorgeous, satin after-feel. It is designed to provide superior protection against all types of UV rays and environmental invaders. It contains antioxidants, humectants and an award winning photostabiliser, which reduces sensitivity issues often associated with many SPF’s. Perfect for all skin types.

Environ RAD SPF 15  The consistency of RAD is a middle of the road, not too thin, not too thick hydrating cream. Not only does this SPF offer the most gentle, broad-spectrum protection against UV rays, it also supplies skin with essential antioxidants to give enhanced protection against environmental aggressors. Due to the huge volume of natural skin protectors, it gives the equivalent protection of an SPF 30! Suitable for all skin types and ages – gentle enough for babies from the age 6 months.

Image Prevention+ Range  These broad-spectrum SPF’s act as both an SPF and moisturiser in one and are a medium to thick consistency. They are formulated with ‘Digital Age Defence’ providing dual protection from both environmental stressors and blue light emitted through phone and laptop screens. The Image SPF’s smell so good you could almost eat them!
The Daily Hydrating SPF 30 – Perfect for dehydrated, dry and redness prone skin that needs to lock in extra moisture.

The Daily Matte SPF 32 – Ideal for blemish-prone/ oily skins as it contains micro-sponge technology to mop up excess surface oils, giving a matte finish.

The Daily Tinted SPF 30 – Great for when you want to add a touch of colour to the skin and gives a healthy glow. We find this tint is most suited to a slightly sallow skin tone.

The Daily Ultimate Protection Moisturiser SPF 50 – Brilliant for those who need extra protection whilst outdoors running/hiking.

Environ Alpha Day Lotion 15 – This SPF is similar to RAD with a medium consistency. It has all the benefits of RAD, with the added bonus of lactic acid, making it especially suited to acneic and breakout prone skins.

DMK Nutrascreen SPF 30 – Again, this is a broad-spectrum spf and has quite a thick consistency. It is ideal for those who enjoy outdoor exercise as it is water-proof, perspiration-proof and wind-proof.

Ultraceuticals – This range offers 3 different SPF’s which all provide a blend of advanced non-nano, broad-spectrum SPF 30 protection. When used daily each of these high UVA & UVB protective moisturisers can help to prevent the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, uneven texture and loss of firmness, leaving the skin looking more youthful and radiant.

Ultra UV PDM SPF 30 Hydrating – This SPF has a lightweight and fast-absorbing formula. It is enriched with shea butter adding an extra layer of comfort to it’s moisturising properties, making it deal for dry skin types.

Ultra UV PDM SPF 30 Mattifying – Made with a shine-free formula, this SPF is a good choice for those with oily/break-out prone skin types. It supports the skins lipid shield without clogging pores or leaving an oily residue and contains Silica to help mop-up excess sebum and mattify the complexion.

Ultra UV PDM SPF 30 Sheer Tint – Perfect for those looking for high protection with a subtle hint of colour, this tinted SPF is suitable for all skin types; normal, oily or dry.

SPF is not just a summer product, we are exposed to UV rays every single day; come rain or shine. A high-quality SPF will protect your skin from burning, sun-induced pigmentation, premature ageing and skin cancers. No matter which SPF you choose, consistent use is key. They must be applied and reapplied liberally every 2 hours to provide optimal protection, regardless of their factor. With so many to choose from, there’s no excuse for not wearing one!


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