Highly skilled

Aestheticians & Therapists

Targeted advice

to help your skin glow from outside in

A holistic skincare

approach to aging well

A facial customised to your skin’s needs

Introductory Skin Consultation & 80 min Bespoke Facial

This is a unique package for first time skin client's at Urba. Receive a complimentary skin consultation during your 80 minute bespoke treatment. Your advanced skin therapist will create a personalised skincare regimen including nutrition and lifestyle recommendations, tailored to address your specific concerns. This is the perfect treatment option for someone who would like to start their skin journey but also receive a beautiful treatment on the day.

URBA Bespoke Facial

Our Urba Bespoke facial is customised to the individual based on the client's skin concerns. Unlike generic facials, an URBA bespoke facial targets your specific skincare issues. Whether you're dealing with acne, dryness, signs of aging, or other concerns, this treatment is designed to address these issues directly. We offer both 50 minute or 80 minute treatments.

URBA Signature Treatment

Our luxury URBA exclusive signature treatment combines the best of both worlds. Your skin expert will tailor a results-driven bespoke facial to target your skin health concerns in combination with our incredible signature Urba Japanese Lift and Sculpt routine.

Our signature Urba Facial Massage:

  • Increase blood circulation, enabling capillaries to deliver nutrients more efficiently to the skin’s surface.
  • Improve lymphatic flow, transporting toxins away from skin cells.
  • Strengthen and tone muscles, helping prevent skin sagging and fine lines.
  • Repair and balance the condition of the skin, minimising the ageing process.
  • Improve skin suppleness.
  • Reduce & release any muscle tension in the face and jaw.
  • Relieve stress symptoms such as insomnia, headaches & eye strain.
  • Tones & help to tighten the skin & underlying muscle.
  • Enhance mental & physical relaxation.
  • Aid the removal of dead skin cells.
  • Stimulate rejuvenation and cellular activity.

URBA Express Facial

Our Glow bar chair facials are our express-facial, these are perfect facials to bridge your clinical treatments. Each 30 min treatment is fully customised to suit your skin concerns on the day. We can focus on hydration, brightening, cleansing and plumping. Please note, we do not offer extractions in our Glow bar facials.




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