URBA Brow Home Tint Kit


Urba Brow Tint from Home.

Six shades to choose from.

To find your prefect match please contact us by emailing  info@urbabeauty.ie


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Instructions: Mix the Tint & Developer and apply with a cotton bud, leave on the brows for 5/10 mins and rinse with water. Discard of leftover tint, as this is single use and cannot be reused.

Patch test required 48 hours prior to tinting: Apply a small patch of mixed tint behind your ear, do not let it get wet for the first 24 hours, leave on the skin for 48hours. If you have any irritation wipe away and seek medical advise if necessary. DO NOT USE THE TINT if any irritation has occurred from the patch test.

Please note that although you may not react to the patch test, a reaction can still occur from the treatment. By purchasing this Tinting kit you are solely responsible for performing the correct advised patch test and you are agreeing to hold Urba Skin and Beauty and any of its staff harmless from any liability that may result from this treatment.


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Light Brown, Blonde Brown, Middle Brown, Dark Brown, Black, Blue Black

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