Debbie Mulhall November 29, 2019
Around this time of year, many of our clients complain that their skin is dry, tight and dull. True dry skin (also known as lipid dry skin) is lacking in.
Debbie Mulhall November 29, 2019
Do I really need SPF ?? To put it shortly, yes you do! The sun (whether you can see it or not) emits UVA, UVB and UVC rays. UVA rays.
hern and seba e
Debbie Mulhall March 31, 2020
To truly moisturise the skin, we must imitate how the skin naturally moisturises itself. This is the objective of DMK’s Seba-E oil and Herb & Mineral Mist. This dream team combo.
Debbie Mulhall March 31, 2020
Have you ever heard of that old saying, “you are what you eat”? Well it’s definitely true in the case of what you eat (and supplement!) will make a big.
acne skin
Debbie Mulhall April 7, 2020
Acne is a chronic skin disease caused by an increase in cellular proliferation and sebum production, initiated by a hormonal flux. Most commonly, acne affects the face, neck, chest and.
skin consult
Debbie Mulhall May 5, 2020
At times we forget the skin is a living organ. It does not care if it is aesthetically pleasing. Its sole function is to protect us from the harsh outside.
Debbie Mulhall May 8, 2020
Not all SPF’s are made equal – remember that regular moisturiser you purchased in Boots/Tesco that had an ‘SPF 20’ label on the bottom? Well, you would need about half.
Stress on the skin
Debbie Mulhall May 22, 2020
Biologically, stress is the body’s way of responding to a demand or threat. In today’s society, we never really seem to slow down (unless there’s a global pandemic which forces.
Retinod Response
Debbie Mulhall June 16, 2020
Vitamin A is the holy grail when it comes to skincare. It is arguably the most effective cosmeceutical rejuvenating ingredient and has tonnes of rigorous, scientific studies to back it.
IPL Skin Rejuv
Debbie Mulhall September 1, 2020
How you treat your skin in your 20’s and 30’s is going to show in your 40’s and 50’s. When we begin to notice pigmentation in the skin, it typically.
DMK Enzyme Treatment
Debbie Mulhall January 8, 2021
The latest and most exciting offering to date in the salon has to be the DMK Advanced Skin Revision range, which has been the number one skincare range in Australia.
Debbie Mulhall January 18, 2021
Microneedling FAQ’s Here at Urba, Microneedling is one of our favourite professional skin treatments because of its instant and long-lasting results!    What is Microneedling?  Microneedling, also known as collagen.
Debbie Mulhall January 18, 2021
Ingredient Spotlight – Beta Glucan.  Hyaluronic acid (HA) has become -and still is- quite the trend when it comes to skincare, but have you heard of its older, bolder (and.
peel blog pics
Debbie Mulhall February 9, 2021
A professional, chemical peel is a form of exfoliation that uses a chemical solution (typically a blend of acids) to remove dead skin cells from the top layer of skin.
Debbie Mulhall February 18, 2021
What are probiotics? Probiotics are defined as ‘live microorganisms that confer a health effect on the host when consumed in adequate amounts’ (Guarner and Schaafsma 1998). It is well known.
Psoriasis & Eczema Management
Debbie Mulhall February 22, 2021
When psoriasis, eczema, cystic acne, chemically sensitive skin, rashes, lumps or bumps appear, can be a sign that there are much deeper issues going on. We are dealing with DIS-EASE,.
Debbie Mulhall March 23, 2021
Body Pamper Duo A,C,E Body Oil & Derma Lac Lotion…. A duo more destined to be together than Jack and Rose, Johnny and Baby, even Ross and Rachel. When used.
Debbie Mulhall April 20, 2021
  If you’ve ever had a facial treatment or specific brow treatments with us in either of our clinics, then you may have been placed under our Healite after. You.
Debbie Mulhall April 20, 2021
Have you ever (like myself) found that PERFECT red lip, you know the one that is not too deep, not too bright, suits your complexion b-e-a-uuuutifully and makes you feel.